In order for a broken chicken leg bone to heal properly, it needs optimal healing conditions. In some circumstances, this can be done at home by splinting the fracture using 4 dollar store items. This
Cleaning a chicken coop can make you sick, so it is imperative to take precautions to minimize your risk of contracting diseases that can be passed from chickens to humans. Flock owners can contract diseases
Changes in a chickens comb and wattle can tell you many things about their well being, sexual maturity and can be used to attract mates, distinguish between others in the flock as well as be
Chickens absolutely go crazy over fodder! Growing fodder for your chickens is not only healthy for your flock, but will save on your feed costs too. 1 lb. of dried grain will turn into about
There are several important things you need to know about chicken scratch before feeding it to your flock. Knowing when and how it is best served and the recommended quantity to give your chickens can
Do you know what to do if a dog attacks your chickens? This article will cover the most common scenarios and how to best handle each one of them. If you own chickens, you are
Step by Step Guide to Helping a Stuck Chick Hatch I only suggest that you assist a chick in hatching if it has been over 24 hours since it internally pipped or you can visually

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